Key Info

Key Information

This page lists some of the key points that residents, tenants, visitors and contractors need to be aware of. A corresponding, printable document for tenants to consult directly, “Precinct Tenants Manual” is currently being revised.

Visitor Access

Visitors to the Precinct can use the intercom located at the main lobby entrance door on Lorne Street. The intercom panel allows visitors to contact individual apartments by entering the assigned code for the desired apartment. When an apartment has been called, the resident can respond and converse with the caller via the intercom. A door release button on the apartment intercom allows the main door or the car park door to be unlocked depending on which entry the call has been generated from. In the case of a call being made from the Lorne Street pedestrian entry, the resident has the facility of viewing the caller via the CCTV system connected via the analogue TV outlets on all apartments. Once the front door opens visitors have 90 seconds to summon the lift and press the button of the apartment floor, when they will be taken to that floor.

Residents and Tenants Access

All official resident owners and tenants are issued swipe access cards and keys to their apartments. The access card will grant access to the Lorne Street entrance, the Kitchener Street vehicle entrance and the passenger lift lobby door on Level 4. From inside a passenger lift, the card will grant access to the resident’s specific apartment floor, Level 4, the gym and pool floor, and if applicable, the resident’s vehicle parking floor.

Keys grant access only to the resident’s apartment door. Note that they are not able to unlock any of the stairwell doors. The stairwells are fire exit only, and are not for moving from floor to floor. Once in either of the stairwells, you must continue down them to either Reception (Stairwell one) or the Lorne Street fire exit (Stairwell 2).

Lockout Guidelines

In the event of a resident requiring building management needing to let you in and unlock your apartment door for you the following rules apply:

  • Monday to Friday between the hours of 6am to 10pm: A lock-out fee will not be charged
  • Monday to Friday between the hours of 10pm to 6am and all of weekends and public holidays: A lock-out fee of $100, inclusive of GST, will be charged. A receipt will be given at the time of the lockout when the fee is paid.

To prevent the inconvenience of both time and cost, we would encourage residents to have a back-up key and access card kept with a known neighbour, friend or family member.

The lock out assistance offered to residents is an additional service provided by Active Building Management.

Some Key Rules for the Precinct

No one –

  • may drop or throw any items off balconies, including cigarettes. Owners are liable for any harm to a person or damage to any other property.
  • may smoke in the common areas nor allow smoke to permeate the common areas.
  • may smoke on a deck if the neighbour complains it permeates into their living space.
  • may deface, damage, soil or litter any facility or common area.
  • may hold smoke doors open. They are required by law to be kept closed at all times.

Occupiers and Visitors –

  • must be considerate to others and avoid noisy social gatherings and stereos that stop neighbours from enjoying their units in peace and quiet at any time.

  • must ensure all items on balconies are secure in high winds. You are liable if your item causes harm to a person or damage to a neighbours property.

  • must not drop by accident or throw any items off balconies, this includes cigarettes. You are liable if your item causes harm to a person or damage to a neighbour’s property.

  • must not smoke on your deck if a neighbour complains it has permeated into their living space.

  • must not smoke in the common areas or allow smoke to permeate the common areas

  • must not willfully deface, damage, soil or litter any facility or common area.

  • must avoid allowing people to access the building by tailgating as you enter the building.

  • must not put washing on their balconies.

  • must not use their balconies as storage facilities.

  • must not dump rubbish in the rubbish room rather than putting it in the bin provided. Rubbish must be bagged. Cartons must be broken down and placed in rubbish bins.  All plastic bottles and cans and glass must be disposed of in the yellow lidded bins minus any plastic bags.

  • must take large rubbish items such as beds and other furniture to the transfer station rather than put them in the rubbish room.

  • must not move in or out of the building without first making an arrangement with the Building Manager to facilitate the move.

  • must not jam the lift door open with possessions. Management are able to “lock off” the service lift for a pre-arranged time frame.

  • must not hold smoke doors open with wedges. They are required by law to be kept closed at all times.

  • must follow the fire alarm instructions including the loud speaker system when it is activated.

  • should not block the drainage system with food matter.

  • must have proof of residency prior to entry being granted.

Contractors, Service Providers and Movers

Please register with Precinct Management before starting any works or service in the building.

Precinct Management: 09 909 5800 or 021 995 727

This will ensure you are aware of guidelines and common areas in the Precinct that need protection.

Loading Bay

This is located just inside the Kitchener Street vehicle entrance and is for use, by prior arrangement, for contractors, service providers and movers.

To book the Loading Bay, please contact Reception between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday on 09 909 5800 or 021 995 727

Fire and Emergency Procedures

The Precinct is fitted with fire alarm and detection devices on every floor.

Evacuation Plan

If the fire alarms are activated, the loud speaker system will tell you what to do.

The loud speaker will initially only evacuate three levels above and below where the alarm is activated. Other levels will be told to stand by and await further instruction. If the message changes, and asks you to evacuate, please do so promptly.

When told to evacuate make your way down the Fire Proof Stairwells – DO NOT USE THE LIFTS.

Fire Proof Stairwells

There are two independent sets of fire proof exit stairwells that lead to the exterior of the building. Every floor has access to both of these stairwells. For safety reasons, once in the fire stairwell, you will be led down to street level to exit the building. In an alarm situation, the pressurisation system will engage throughout the stairwells, ensuring no smoke enters them.

One stairwell will bring you to Level One in the front lobby, next to the front desk; the other to a door to Lorne Street. The door to Lorne Street is always able to be opened from the inside.

Emergency Lighting and Illuminated Exit Signs

An emergency lighting system (including illuminated Exit signs) is installed throughout the building. This system operates automatically should there be a power failure and will provide essential emergency lighting to ensure a safe evacuation.

Manual Call Points

These are located on every floor and are activated by breaking the face of the glass, and flicking the emergency switch. This will activate the fire alarm throughout the building. At the same time the fire brigade will automatically be notified.

Smoke Detectors

It is against the Body Corporate Rules to deactivate any smoke alarms in the Precinct Building. Please note doing so will require a technician to reinstate the alarm(s) and reset the alarm panel. This will incur a charge to the resident responsible.

Hall heat and smoke detectors are located in corridors and on all floors. The alarms will be automatically activated and the Fire Brigade notified when the presence of smoke is detected.

Apartment heat and smoke detectors have been installed in every unit. In the event that your smoke alarm is set off due to cooking odours, dust or steam, there is a red reset button alongside the intercom phone which you should push to deactivate the alarm. This will stop the alarm automatically dialing the building manager and Fire Brigade.

Do not open the front entrance door of your apartment when cooking and do not open the  front door of your apartment to air your apartment of cooking smoke. This will activate the hall smoke alarms, the Fire Brigade will have to attend and there will be a charge to the unit.


These are located throughout the building and above the decks. They will activate when the heat from a fire rises to a critical level. When activated, the sprinklers spray water onto the fire and trigger the alarms. The Fire Brigade will automatically be notified.


Doors in the building are hour fire rated. This means they will withstand heat and flames for a minimum of one hour. All fire rated doors are fitted with door closers. Please ensure they are not propped open. Some doors that need to be left open are fitted with automatic closing devices. Closing not only confines the fire but reduces the rate of burning, confines smoke and allows time to carry out the emergency procedures.

Wind & Extreme Weather Events

Owners and/or Tenants are responsible to secure any outside furniture should an extreme weather event occur. Visitors should also be aware of this factor.