Access – how can visitors normally access the Precinct?

Visitors to the Precinct can use the intercom located at the main lobby entrance door on Lorne Street. The intercom panel allows visitors to contact individual apartments by entering the assigned code for the desired apartment. When an apartment has been called, the resident can respond and converse with the caller via the intercom. A door release button on the apartment intercom allows the main door or the car park door to be unlocked depending on which entry the call has been generated from.

Once the front door opens, visitors have 90 seconds to summon the lift and press the button of the apartment floor, when they will be taken to that floor.

It should be noted that anyone (with an access card or not) can always summon the passenger lift and return to the ground floor (Lorne Street) by simply pressing that button from inside the lift.

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Access – how do residents and tenants normally access the Precinct?

All official resident owners and tenants are issued swipe access cards and keys to their apartments. The access card will grant access to the Lorne Street entrance, the Kitchener Street vehicle entrance and the passenger lift lobby door on Level 4. From inside a passenger lift, the card will grant access to the resident’s specific apartment floor, Level 4, the gym and pool floor and, if applicable, the resident’s vehicle parking floor.

Keys grant access only to the resident’s apartment door. Note that they are not able to unlock any of the stairwell doors. The stairwells are fire exit only and are not for moving from floor to floor. Once in either of the stairwells, you must continue down them to either Reception (Stairwell one) or the Lorne Street fire exit (Stairwell 2).

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Locked Out – what happens if Precinct residents find themselves locked out?

In the event of you requiring building management needing to let you in and unlock your apartment door for you the following rules apply:

  • Monday to Friday between the hours of 6am to 10pm: A lock-out fee will not be charged.
  • Monday to Friday between the hours of 10pm to 6am and all of weekends and public holidays: A lock-out fee of $100, inclusive of GST, will be charged. A receipt will be given at the time of the lockout when the fee is paid.

To prevent the inconvenience of both time and cost, we would encourage residents to have a back-up key and access card kept with a known neighbour, friend or family member.

The lock out assistance offered to residents is an additional service provided by Active Building Management.

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Smoking – what are the rules for the Precinct?

Smoking is strictly forbidden in all common areas of the Precinct, together with causing smoke to drift into those common areas.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in all apartment interiors and would set off the smoke alarms if indulged in. If that, in turn, were to cause a Fire Service call out, the apartment owner would be charged the full fee.

Smoking is only tolerated on apartment balconies if no other resident objects.

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Washing – can I hang or drape my washing on my balcony?

No. Along with using your balcony for storage, this is strictly forbidden. At the Precinct, external (and internal) appearances matter!

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CCTV – Video Monitoring – what is the situation with the Precinct?

Be advised that all visitors, contractors, residents, tenants and others who enter the Precinct and/or who use the common areas are being recorded 24/7 by closed circuit cameras. Any of the feeds from these may be replayed in the event of any significant incident. Warning signs are located in each area where cameras are operating.

It should also be noted that, on each of the 6 vehicle floors, cameras are recording all vehicles entering and leaving the vehicle lifts, 24/7.

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Rubbish Disposal – what is the normal procedure?

You may deposit two categories of rubbish in the Rubbish Room, located on the 4th floor vehicle bay:

Recyclable: For the BLUE topped bins. This should only include paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles. It should NOT include plastic bags or any non-biodegradable material.

Non Recyclable: For the RED topped bins. SMALL, bagged items only.


1) No large items such as desks, bookcases, vacuums or similar can be disposed of through the rubbish room. Offenders can be identified through C.C.T.V and swipe cards and will be charged $250. If you cannot sell, donate or dispose of large items yourself, you could contact Junk Run (021 586 544) and make a private arrangement.

2) Always leave all lids, especially the red ones, fully shut before you leave the rubbish room to exclude the insects. Failure to do this could also result in fines.

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Reception – what are the normal hours for over-the-counter assistance?

The Manager and/or an assistant will normally be on hand for over-the-counter help and advice at the Ground Floor Reception desk during the following hours:

Monday (late night): 9-10am, 12-1pm, 4-6pm.

Tuesday to Friday: 9-10am, 12-1pm, 4-5pm.

The Reception desk and office is closed in the weekends and on public holidays but there is 24/7 contact available in two main ways:

1) Phone 021 995 727 (including urgent). Either the Manager, the Night Manager or an Active Management assistant will respond.

2) Fill in and send the form at Contact Us (non urgent, but preferable for detailed inquiries).

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Rental Apartments – how can I find out what apartments are available for rent?

The Precinct’s own team at Precinct Management Limited (PML) has a pool of apartments that it manages on behalf of their owners.

The simplest way to browse the latest adverts is to click here. You will be taken to that part of the TradeMe site which carries our current adverts and photos. If you do email or phone us back, a viewing appointment in business hours will normally be made.

If there is not a suitable apartment at the time, you can always leave your details with us via the Contact Us page.

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Vehicle Parking inside the Precinct – how does it operate?

This is of relevance for visiting contractors or residents with permission to park at a particular place on one of the six vehicle parking floors (2 through 7). For residents, permissions for the vehicle entrance itself and the vehicle lifts will have been added to your access card.

Firstly, note that there is a single, combined, entry and exit point, on the Precinct’s 4th floor, for vehicles. This is located on Kitchener Street (which is one way – northerly – at this point), which you must access from Wellesley Street East (either a left (up) or a right (down) turn or straight through from Mayoral Drive). Using any of these three entrances to Kitchener Street, you will have the Art Gallery on your right and then the Wilson Parking building on your left as you approach the Precinct entry/exit point.

If there are any vehicles attempting to leave the Precinct (necessarily turning left) when you arrive, you should give way to them. Once in the entry bay, you must either use your access card to raise the roller door or use the intercom to ask Reception to do this remotely.

If your parking place is on the 4th floor itself or, if you are a contractor who has pre-booked the Loading Bay (just inside the roller door), you can simply park and then access the door to the passenger lift.

If your parking place is on any of the other vehicle floors (2, 3, 5, 6 or 7), you must use one of the two vehicle lifts. In normal operation (when both are working), the lift nearer the roller door, denoted C4, is available for incoming vehicles, while the lift closer to Lorne Street (C5) will be the one you will later use to exit the building.

To exclude tailgaters from using the vehicle lifts, we have now made it necessary to use your access card to summon C4 and open its doors. You must both swipe your access card and press either the ‘up’ or the ‘down’ button to achieve this.

Often, C4 is already on the 4th floor but with its doors closed, so that its doors will usually open within a second of your above button-press. At this point, you will have 3 minutes to manoeuvre your vehicle into the lift before its doors automatically close again. That is actually quite a long time but you may choose to first manoeuvre your vehicle to its best spot before actually pushing the above button.

Whichever, it is recommended that you actually reverse into the lift which, although counter-intuitive, is the technique that even the largest vehicles succeed with.

Once your vehicle is fully inside the lift, you must push the floor number and then the door-close button before the doors will close and you are taken to your chosen floor. If you did (wisely) back in, the exit will be easy but, if not, you must back out (so, you can’t escape reversing!). The lift doors are also on a timer for exiting but this will be reset the moment any part of your vehicle cuts the light beam between the lift doors, which is likely to be only seconds after you start even the most demanding exiting manoeuvre.

To exit the building, you will normally use the C5 lift, for which you don’t need your access card but you must still press the button to summon and open its doors for 3 minutes. Again, we recommend that you reverse into this lift. You’ll need to press “4” and then the door-close button. When you approach the roller door exit on Level 4, sensors will automatically open that door for you.

The above, generous, time delays before the vehicle lift doors close have proved to be the main reason that damage to the lifts and their doors has substantially declined since their introduction. Even so, be advised that on each vehicle lift floor is a high-resolution camera which, on timestamped replay, can easily show which vehicle caused any damage to either vehicle lift or its doors. Unfortunately, if you do damage the lift or its doors, the Body Corporate will bill you for that damage.

As a footnote, if either of the vehicle lifts is actually damaged or otherwise breaks down, the other will be assigned both entry and exit duty until the first is fixed. In that event, text messages will normally be sent to all affected drivers. If you do have a parking place on level 2, 3, 5, 6 or 7, you should check with Reception that you are on this list.

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